DID YOU KNOW ABOUT? Coloured lashes!

Lashes are all about being fluttery, fun and flirty–so who says that they need to be black all the time? UIFME Lash carries coloured, bejewelled and glitter lashes that are perfect for the upcoming party season, and we love working with something a little different; The brilliant thing about coloured lashes is how they can

Lash infills–the lowdown

Once you’ve got your first set of lashes, it’s not hard to fall in love. Those beautiful fluttery extensions look so good in the mirror, and it’s so great to hear compliments from everyone about how fresh your face is! As much as we wish lash extensions would last forever, after a couple of weeks

Eye Shape and Extensions–what works best for you?

It’s no surprise that the shape of our eyes is a huge influencer on our styling choices. Just like dressing for your particular body type, styling your eyes properly brings out your best features and is a great confidence boost. Beauty bloggers and Pinterest fans have been producing content on eye shapes and makeup forever,

Can I wear strip lashes on my eyelash extensions

Party season is almost here, and we all love treating ourselves to super-full holiday lashes–after a long year, haven’t we earned it? Since many of us wear lash extensions regularly, it’s easy to get used to the lovely long lashes that we see in the mirror each morning. When it comes to costume parties or

How to look after your lash extensions in Summer

With what seems to be the most humid weather we’ve EVER had in in full force this summer, we thought it was a good time to remind everyone of aftercare and how to look after their eyelash extensions – as they do need a little TLC when it’s warmer. Firstly, immediately after your lash application,