Lashes are all about being fluttery, fun and flirty–so who says that they need to be black all the time? UIFME Lash carries coloured, bejewelled and glitter lashes that are perfect for the upcoming party season, and we love working with something a little different;

The brilliant thing about coloured lashes is how they can make your eyes pop–just a small addition of ruby red or blue accentuates your eye colour and shows that you’re ready to boogie. For those with trendy pastel locks, we also have pink or purple lashes and plenty of technicians ready to get creative! Glitter lashes are also a great way to ring in the new year, with small coatings of metallic glitter (that won’t get into your eyes) to give your lashes a touch of magic. This coating will wash off after about a week, so you can return to work sans unicorn lashes.

If you’d like to give these beauties a whirl, let us know!

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