Because of COVID-19 and we’ve been having a lot of questions lately about what to do about the last few lashes left – can you remove them yourselves etc? Is there any way to get them off? Are there home lash removal kits? Will they grow longer and longer past my eyebrows so I have lash-antlers?! Here are my top tips on how to manage those last few stragglers!

So firstly, besides professional product/removal with lash solvents (which we very unfortunately are not allowed to offer at the moment) there is no quick fix to getting those lashes to come off. I don’t recommend doing a home removal with professional products, because they are very strong and very stingy when they get into the eye, which invariably they do, if you’re doing it yourself. We really don’t recommend it, because whilst you might be successful, you might also end up in emergency with an eye injury or chemical burn.

So what can you do in the meantime? Well, with limited success, I’ve used facial steaming, and then rubbing small amounts of virgin coconut oil into the lashes in the evening (please be very careful not to get it into the eyes, and make sure your hands are clean and the oil is a new product and not just something that’s been sitting in the cupboard!) and with regular brushing, this does seem to loosen them a bit. But it won’t just make them come out all at once. It’s really just going to speed up the process a little, they aren’t going to all come off at once this way.
My best advice and what I’m doing myself at this point? (I too have about 5 or 6 super long lashes left on one eye!). Just leave them alone. Brush them gently, use mascara to hide the gaps, and soon enough, they will be gone. Be patient – try not to pick and them or pull them. We can’t wait to see you (and your newly rested!) lashes again in the not-too-distant future!

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