We sure do bang on about aftercare a lot – so here’s more from us on our pet-topic

Firstly – and most importantly, for most people – is lash retention. Where lashes have been exposed to a lot of oil (whether from naturally occuring oils in the skin, or products that contain oil, such as micellar water, non-oil free makeup remover, waterproof makeup and other skin care) they generally won’t last very well. This is especially the case if oil is not cleaned off regularly using a foam cleanser, as eventually it will start to degrade the adhesive bonds, resulting in poor lash retention. Clean lashes do last longer!

Secondly – lash health (which can affect lash retention also) – when skin cells, makeup and oil/sebum are allowed to build up on the lash line, some interesting little creatures called Demodex (AKA lash mites😅) will have a giant party, which can lead to irritated lash lines, blocked follicles and lash loss. So clean those peepers and make sure your lash line is not a veritable feast for lash mites!

Thirdly – comfort. Lashes that are not cleaned properly (skin, sebum, oil and sleep will build up) get itchy! Lash extensions are supposed to feel like nothing – so if your lash line is feeling a little itchy and irritated, better after care may be in order. Giving your lashes a good clean every day will make them feel much lighter on.

We have an extensive range of aftercare products , including foam cleanser, makeup remover and lash growth serum (perfectly lash-safe, works incredibly well!) as well as lash-safe eye makeup and the range of Full-brow makeup which is what we use to create beautiful brows!

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